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Tuesday, June 18

ERMAHGERD! to everything


northierthanthou said...

Heh, that is a Hell of an expression on that girl's face.

JerseyCynic said...

well hello up there, northierthanthou. I'm jealous of your peace and quiet.

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Sweet Pic .. hahahah So this is your home here eh JC ! Love it ! I left ya some pretend cold brews in your fridge I hate going some were empty handed . JC Please email me i have have something to ask you /.

DBK said...

Once upon a time we marched together against the war in Iraq, meeting on the Mall in DC. It was a simpler time and we done blogged the shit out of that time. It was before "blogging" became the Huffington Post and their contempt for the pioneers.

Much love. I miss Liz and MizMo.

JerseyCynic said...

I miss those times also, DBK. Are you on Facebook? we finally accepted it and joined a few years ago. still keeping in touch with the Blondes.

JerseyCynic said...

Peak, I'm going to try to find you on the google page -- I miss you! I left "the garden" about a year ago -- hung in long enough to realize something's not quite right over there. Given what just happened, I will NEVER doubt my intuition. Gram always told me: DOUBT means DON'T

DBK said...

I have returned to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. I have been thinking of putting the band back together. I am going to try to save the cheerleader.

Because we need heroes now more than ever.

I don't miss those times as much as that sense that we could do something important and that we had this wonderful new thing that made us the equal of CNN. And then everyone ran away and began speaking in <=140 characters. And we got a president we respected and we thought everything would be all right. And it wasn't. And then it got worse.

And I got old.

So now I'm an old man trying to be young. I am trying to rediscover my naivete, because only the naive believe they can change the world.

Also, no to Facebook. I don't like Facebook. It feels like the culture, not the counter-culture, and I am definitely a counter-culture kind of guy. I'm more of a salmon. As Jerry Seinfeld said, tuna swim with the stream and salmon swim against the stream.

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