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Wednesday, March 20


stop the cyborgs?
‘Stop The Cyborgs’ was founded in response to the Google Glass project and other technology trends. The aim of the movement is to stop a future in which privacy is impossible and corporate control total. Join us and save humanity from the cyber collective. We are already continually tracked though smart phones, online tracking, banking transactions, and CCTV. So why all the fuss about a smart phone on your face? Google has the marketing power to make acting like ‘Creepy Cameraman’ socially acceptable. Would you have even considered wearing a hidden spy camera or recording conversations a few years ago? Well soon everyone will be doing it and finding you odd for objecting.
At first read I thought to myself -- I would never be bothered buying a pair. so - no big deal. I guess I didn't give much thought to who might be looking AT me. Are people really buying these? Talking about frying your brain. (i hope blogging is still safe - should I cover that camera peep hole at the top of my computer?)