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Wednesday, January 18

Speak now, or FOREVER hold your tongue!

If you've never done any calling to your representative to complain about ANYTHING, this is the one thing you MUST do! If you value being able to access ANYTHING on the Internet, express yourself on the Net, Twitter, Facebook or a host of others, if you want to be able to read true news from sources other than U.S. "approved" sites, if you want to be able to even share photos of your family or vacation that JUST  MIGHT have a background picture in it of a business, a magazine, a movie poster, a book, a newspaper or your neighbors name(yes, his/her name IS copyrighted by law), or literally any business (mainly) or individual who   feels you've infringed on their turf, you MUST call your Representative and Senator and tell them you adamantly oppose the PIPA (Senate) and SOPA (House) bills.

In addition:
This will especially affect any of you who has enrolled your child in Internet dependent charter schools. Some curricula, information, videos or pictures they use may be banned. Not so with printed media and books...yet! So far public schools are currently safe (give the MPAA and RIAA time and they will remove books that might refer to a movie or song they own) but it's only a matter of time before those legal people they employ twist the laws to suit the greed of their masters.

Call your local Representative and Senator today and tell them to keep the Internet free and open. 

Below is a list where you can get more information if you need. 
It's from  Bad Astronomy

- Google (!)
- reddit (they also have this page with many links to help you take action)
- Adam Savage at Popular Mechanics
- Forbes (though it’s clearly not correct to say SOPA is dead, and I no longer trust Obama will do as he says after signing the NDAA)
- Mashable
- Wil Wheaton
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