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Tuesday, January 17

Semper Fi?

It’s been a few days since we’ve learned once again the morals of some of our young “soldiers” are lacking. There’s no condoning the depraved actions of these young whose mentality is matched by their organ size.

Comments have run the gamut. Most said it was disgusting. Others that it would fuel the “enemy’s” hatred for Americans. Still others including an ignorant candidate along with a CNN POS so condone the action as to saying they would join in the absurdity.

Last night in South Carolina, assembled  ignorant Wingunts (no typo) chose to cheer a morally bankrupt Rick perry as he defended those military degenerates who think they represent the Marines. Yeah, the guy who had his picture taken in shiny black boots, military uniform with brownish green shirt and lately a more recent photo with arm extended stiffly in questionable pose that reminds us of the approval of atrocious acts by the military of a supposedly by-gone era, defended an act sane individuals reject.

Let’s not forget where and who cheered this rabid, room temperature I.Q.  Nationalist. They are the people who most dislike being stereotyped as rednecks, hillbillies, inbred illiterates and worse who certainly lived up to those images.

But throughout this there’s a related point I haven’t seen addressed.  Rational, intelligent, compassionately understanding humans are upset over what the Marines did. Yet nowhere have those people or the media written or uttered more than a couple of dismissive words over the rendition and torture carried out by OUR Government of the United States and its shadowy legions of ilk on alleged prisoners of war.

So, which is worse, desecration of corpses or torture of live humans? Yet U.S. rendition and torture continues while those in power who allow, approve and ignore those atrocities sanctimoniously condemn the actions of these Marines. Is this what Marines are taught in today’s military, and by whose orders? Do we expect more from Presidents, Senators, Congressmen and a Military who wantonly treat human beings as their own chattel to do with as they please for reasons only they decide are appropriate? If so, can and should we expect similar treatment of our own people, how soon and for what trumped up reasons?

I used to think there were limits to this and recent administration’s callousness and hypocrisy. I was wrong.

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