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Wednesday, January 4

Pyrrhic Victory for Romney in Iowa; Santorum Fluffers Come Out in Force

The Iowa Caucus is now history.

After too many debates to count and a mega-avalanche of ads and pontifications from various members of the chattering class, the voters finally had their say. Twenty-five convention delegates were up for grabs.

As of now, Willard Romney won - by eight votes - but didn't manage to break 25% of the electorate. It's not surprising; Mitt's been unable to break 25% for a year now. To win by only eight votes after spending about $156 per vote must be particularly painful.

Rick Santorum experienced a late surge, and started spending big up to the wire. In terms of percentages he finished equal to Romney, with an equal number of delegates allocated (eleven). At an estimated $21 per vote, he did rather well.

Ron Paul came away with three delegates, coming in third. He still thinks he has a chance, the poor deluded dope.

Newt Gingrich was fourth, getting no delegates and moving on to New Hampshire after a rather bitter and mean-spirited concession speech. He's made no bones about his loathing of Romney, although he also conceded he would "probably" vote for him in the general.

Rick Perry spent the most ($480) per vote, and only got 10% of the votes cast. He's gone back to Texas to "reassess" his campaign. Cain did the same, and hasn't been back.

Michele Bachmann got six thousand votes, and is still in the race (for now).

John Huntsman, tied with Buddy Roemer as the sanest of the GOP field, finished behind Bachmann. John, the Republicans don't want sane this cycle, my lad.

"No Preference" and "Other" beat out Cain and Roemer.

What was pretty gut-wrenching was watching MSNBC's Morning Joe and hearing the almost cloying chatter from Scarborough, et. al. about Santorum's victory speech. Unfortunately, Rick Frothy Mixture resonates with people who think social causes are the most important issues, when it's the economy, stupid.

So, onward to New Hampshire and Romney's back yard. We'll have to see if there's such a thing as Mitt-mentum.

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