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Thursday, January 12

Meanwhile, In Afghanistan


I do hope you didn't forget we're still at war over there.

Well, the Taliban were allowed to establish an office in Qatar back in December so that the first steps could be taken toward formal peace talks between the Taliban, the Afghan government of Hamid Karzai, and the United States. Terms were being set up.

Unfortunately, you have to admit that this is not going to make the negotiations go smoothly:

It doesn't matter that the Taliban in the video are dead.

It doesn't matter that, as the Pentagon says, the Marines in question are no longer in Afghanistan.

It doesn't even matter that no one would have heard about this if it weren't on video.

What matters is that it was done at all.

What sort of twisted, atavistic, sadistic impulse was motivating these men? It is the sort of behavior one expects of barbarians, not the warriors we see voluntarily step forward from our population.

We have been in Afghanistan over ten years now. If this is what the war is turning our sons, daughter, brothers, sisters, mother and fathers into, we need to get them all out of there now.

And rehabituate them to civilized behavior, before it's too late.

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