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Saturday, January 14

Here's a GOOD idea for you to post, Arianna...from Charles Hugh Smith: As Centralized Systems Devolve, The Solution Is Localism

Charles Hugh Smith OF TWO MINDS: Depending on Central State/central bank borrowing and spending to prop up the Status Quo is a doomed strategy.
I think the thread between these three seemingly disparate stories is clearly visible. I am indebted to longtime correspondent Joel M. for sending me these articles:

A Dimly Flickering Light in a Darkened Downtown. An Ohio mill town's once-bustling main street is now a ghost town; people are desperate to sell their family heirlooms to one of the downtown's few remaining businesses, a vintage shop, to raise cash.

A Fight for Post Offices and Towns’ Souls. Even as the number of family farms rises for the first time in decades in the U.S., long-standing services to rural communities such as post offices and schools are being slashed.

With Work Scarce in Athens, Greeks Go Back to the Land. As Greece’s economy plunges and unemployment rises, many Greeks are fleeing to the countryside and looking to the nation’s rich agricultural past as a guide to the future.

The thread that connects these stories is the devolution of centralized concentrations of control and the power of localism to fill the void.

links are available over at OF TWO MINDS

P.S. You might want to read EVERYTHING he has written, when you have time.

wt?... I just went to check out the good news huffpo, clicked on front page US, and got this...

Jmj scare me half to death this early in the morning why don't you

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