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Saturday, January 14

A Degenerate, A Hypocrite, An Idiot and A Boring Guy Walk Into A Courtroom ...

And walk out with sores on their rectums.

Republicans, you see, despise, loathe and hate judicial activists - judges who use their position to legislate from the bench. You heard it a lot on Fox News over the years. Whenever a judge struck down a law as unconstitutional, you could count on the conservatives and Republicans and their Brain Trust* to rear up on their hind legs and howl "Judicial Activist!"

Yes, Republicans really hate judicial activists.

Unless they want a ruling in their favor.

The Virginia GOP primary is March 6, and according to that state's election laws a candidate has to file petitions by a certain date in order to get on the ballot.

The deadline came and went, and four GOP candidates immediately cried "Foul!"

They had, you see, failed to get their petitions filed. No matter, you might say; they can simply run write-in campaigns. But not so fast; Virginia election law forbids write-ins for the primaries.

So, led by Rick Perry (the Idiot), Newton Gingrich (Degenerate), Rick Santorum (Hypocrite), and John Huntsman (the Boring Guy) all trooped into the federal court system.

In search of an activist judge.

Well, guess what?

They didn't find one.

The March 6th primary will have only two names on it - Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

This ruling must make Gingrich's flabby little black heart swell with renewed hatred, as he lives in Virginia. He moved there from Georgia when he became a full-time lobbyist - er, historian.

I expect the Feeble Foursome will continue to try and get the ballot amended, so I need to lay in more popcorn.

You can't make this stuff up, folks.

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