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Friday, January 27

Can we PLEASE cancel prom this year?

I know, I know it's prom. How could I ask such a thing -- think such a thing?? (that was my first goog hit for "prom rite". Case Closed -- seems it's a hot essay topic too.)

Everything seems to be out of control on the home front. I need to pick my battles, but where's a mother to start these days? I have 3 children of voting age (whatever that means now) and none of them could make it on their own today without a struggle (I'm not going to go into how smart, beautiful or talented they are. Everyday I am amazed at how many smart, beautiful and talented kids there are out there). What's up with that? At 18 I had the usual grocery store job and could have easily moved out with a friend or 2 and started my life. My parents encouraged me to go to college, so I did. OK times have changed and that first option is pretty difficult to do now. The college route? Don't EVEN get me started. I can't even get a decent job now, so that I can pay for my kids to go off to college like my mother did for me. AND I HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE -- what's up with that? The only way they're going to college today is if they take the loans out (7.8%) or we take a home equity (4%). Since we don't have anymore equity, that leaves them with the only other option of 40K in debt at 7.8%. Since I refuse to fill out the Fffff FFFFFFafsa FFForm -- that's not an option either (I already know what I can "afford" to pay -- it's pretty easy to figure out. Hint: It's whatever is left after the bills are paid.)

I've decided that the best thing I can possibly do for them at this point is to empower them enough so that they have complete control of their lives (i.e., get out of my wallet now, babydoll).

In order to do this, I'm pulling the plug. I still pay for our family cell phone plan, so that will be an easy one -- no bloodshed -- I just have to call verizon and suspend their service. When they go out of the house (driving my 3 cars that I maintain & insure), they can take a cell phone with them "for emergencies" -- that's why we got them one in the first place. Remember after nine eleven? It seemed as though overnight every one had a cell phone. Now it's an iphone. The iphones aren't necessary if you can't afford to pay for it yourself. It's just a super duper high tech gadget -- I just hope there won't be too many withdrawal issues for them to deal with! I'm sure big pharma must have a medication out there if they need assistance.

Since I pay the cable teevee bill and have been threatening to blow up that corner of the room for years now -- why not? That's an easy one too!

I will keep the internet connection and the home telephone line. They all have lap tops (their HS graduation presents -- good thing we qualified for Apple Credit!) so they can still be connected through our wireless at home and at millions of other places in the world.

Since I can't control what they do "on-line", I will ask them to PLEASE consider a one month respite from facebook, twitter, tumbler, stumbler, bumbler -- whatever -- in order to reboot their lives. It seems they are all on overload. I'll tell them it's time to do some serious reflection -- step back and listen to the noise in your own brains for a while. When you're with your friends, try a serious conversation for a change -- see what happens. Bring a boom box so everyone can listen to the music. What have you got to lose?

How about we just cancel junior prom?

"Banish the word 'struggle' from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we have been waiting for."
— Hopi elders

This rant was provoked by Charles Hugh Smith's recent post: The New American Divide

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