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Monday, January 2

And We're Off And Running!

Welcome to 2012!

And ... we have the Iowa Caucus on Tuesday.


Coupled with that, we also had a 7-magnitude earthquake hit Tokyo. No report of damage. There was also a 4-magnitude tremor two miles northwest of Youngstown, Ohio that may or may not have had anything to do with fracking.

I tried to augur the omens and portents, but screw it.

I'm hoping that the caucus goers at Iowa voting places are bringing moist towelettes and soap with them, just in case the santorum surge washes over them. A frothy mixture like that can be ... messy.

Bear in mind, also, that Iowa actually has a fairly lackluster record when it comes to picking the eventual nominee. Remember that they picked Huckabee in the last go-around, a Pat Robertson came second in 88 as I recall.

Bachmann's already forecasting a miracle. Ho, ho. I think the miracle will be whether her campaign staff can stop her from immolating herself when the returns come in.

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