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Wednesday, December 21

Turn out the lights...the party's almost over...or not!

C O U N T D O W N !
One year to go!

It's over! 
The end of days! Armmmaaggedddddion! Transfiguation! Transmogrification! Dogs and cats living together...well, wait a minute!

Before you go bequeathing stuff to the nematodes who may be left, take a little bit of time to read this article. I know the rabid doomsdayers among you won't believe until you awaken December 22, 2012 (or the 24th depending on other factors) that the earth and all of us will still be here those days. So if you really, really feel things will happen the way sensationalistic authors and Hollywood claims, please feel free to donate all your worldly possessions to me so I can redistribute the wealth Christmas Day, 2012!

Below is the conclusion of the author. Don't believe it? Still think you're going to Valhalla or wherever? Then please send me your (good) stuff!

Worries about The End

More worrisome than the film itself is public hysteria around the actual date of December 21 (or 23), 2012, which has generated a great deal of fear and, for some people who are a bit more emotionally fragile, threats of suicide (see this article from National Geographic for more examples and information). This hysteria has been fed by the makers of the film for the purpose of hyping it, and it is growing increasingly difficult (particularly on the internet) to find voices of reason in an often-sinister wilderness of open speculation on the subject.

Hopefully, this hysteria will subside as calmer heads prevail and make their voices heard. Though we have a more-than-excellent chance of waking up on December 22 (or 24), 2012, in the same shape as we were when we went to sleep, we might want to keep an eye on those of us who are a bit more impressionable than others. Take a moment to let these worriers know they should take all the scary things they are reading on the internet about 2012 with a grain of salt - or twenty. After all, the ancient Maya didn't seem concerned enough to really write much of anything about it. Should we?

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