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Monday, December 12

For those who slammed Peter, and to an extent me, for being concerned theorists about this New American Century...

The growing menace of domestic drones

From salon: 
"...Last week, I wrote about the rapidly growing domestic drone industry and the largely undiscussed dangers it poses. The Los Angeles Times yesterday reported that local police in North Dakota used a Predator B drone — the most common unmanned aircraft employed by the U.S. military to attack and kill “insurgents” in the Muslim world — to apprehend three men. The suspects had refused to turn over six cows which had wandered onto their land (the laws governing open-range ownership are in dispute and the farm owners claimed they are entitled to keep the cows); after being tasered in an earlier incident on their land for allegedly resisting arrest, they brandished weapons at the officers who came to seize the cows. The police, armed with a warrant, then called in a Predator drone to fly over their land, locate them, and transmit video images to the police; when the drone revealed the suspects were unarmed, the police entered their property and arrested them."

Read the rest here:

Then update your passport. And if you think you're ok because "you don't do anything wrong", two things for ya.
1. Wait until you drive 5 mph over the speed limit day OR night and get tagged by local money/power hungry cops for local money hungry municipalities and IF you keep driving without a license, " the music is gonna get you!"

2. If I find who any of you Vichy Democrats who didn't raise any objection to this, I'll report you (anonymously, of course) as a possible _________ (fill in the blank) and I'm sure "Those Who Watch" will be curious to give you a chance to express your innocence...and I'll just laugh. (Those Who Watch jis luvs informants!) 

Oh, and one other thing. No where does it say that political groups, private companies, banks, Wall Street Corporations, Debt Collection Companies, Credit Card Companies, the RIAA, The MPAA or Telecom Companies or Apple or Microsoft or WalMart or especially Fox News or any other poor, persecuted copyright holders or besieged or beleaguered businesses (by the bad American Terrorist People until proven subservient) can't have and operate  their own drones...or join with a group of others to lower their costs!  
Lots of new jobs for traitors at...
The New American Blackwater Eye!

Looking forward to the Conventions next year...and the filling of those internment (or better yet, interment) camps that don't exist!

Welcome to Blade Runner - The Directors Government Cut!

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