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Friday, November 18

Obama sends Sec. Clinton to Myanmar for Historic visit (it's been over 50 years)

From the Daily Mail (first Goog hit this morning)

50 Years? What took us so long?? Can you say .....Yadana and Yetagun pipelines?

PIPELINES! (I bet we're already there)

The Price of Oil -- Human Rights

A well-documented instance of corporate collusion in human rights abuses is Burma. The Yadana and Yetagun pipelines built by Unocal and Halliburton (US), Premier Oil (UK) and TotalFinaElf (France/Belgium) are the largest foreign investment projects in Burma. In response to a lawsuit initiated in 2000 by local villagers, with the support of EarthRights International and the Center for Constitutional Rights, a US federal judge found that there was:

“evidence demonstrating that before joining the Project, Unocal knew that the military had a record of committing human rights abuses; that the Project hired the military to provide security for the Project, a military that forced villagers to work and entire villages to relocate for the benefit of the Project; that the military, while forcing villagers to work and relocate, committed numerous acts of violence; and that Unocal knew or should have known that the military did commit, was committing, and would continue to commit these [abuses].”

In April 2005 Unocal agreed to compensate Burmese villagers in a landmark case.

Here's a recent (translated) opinion piece for more background
I'm really happy that the dangerous dam project collapsed

Oh MOTHER SUU PLEASE SING LOUDLY. I hope Mrs. Clinton's vision of a democratic Burma is the same as yours

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