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Tuesday, September 20

World War Three...or how I learned to love the Koch Brothers

Growing up in the 50s and 60s, we were taught (taught being the operative word) that the Soviets wanted to and would start World War Three. We all knew that this would be the last war when it came. Atom bombs, missiles and planes raining destruction from the skies and radiation everywhere would make life virtually impossible. We all knew World War Three would be between the United States and the Soviet Union. Few would survive to go on to a better future. But only a few. And only a special few.

We were wrong. World War Three would be started by our own people, the businessmen, the wealthy of the United States against the Middle and Lower Class People of the United States.

The election of St. Ronnie in 1980 was the preparation for the attack. Laws that had effectively constrained business for nearly 50 years were being challenged and changed and in many cases, repealed. Still, the war on Americans by the Corporations needed something more. It came in the guise of a Democratic President with at first a Democratic then Republican Controlled Congress. Agreements made to send American jobs overseas were a major battle won by business and a huge stepping stone on the pathway to all out war.

Slowly, as things seemed to prosper in the 90s, these businessmen worked the politicians to get what they wanted, repeal of Glass-Steagall. All that was needed now for the final push to the beach was a willing and very cooperative president. They got that in 2000 with the direct aid of the Right Wing Supreme Court, the Congress and especially the media which the wealthy had been acquiring for nearly 30 years. Plans were falling in place.

Conveniently, an attack on the United States happened at just the right moment executing the most improbable set of circumstances imaginable. Now was the time for a major strike. It was the surprisingly (already) hastily produced Patriot Act. 200 years of Constitutional Law was obviated in the name of Pseudo Patriotism and National Security with cries of "fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here" energizing a gullible, poorly informed through Right Wing owned media, public.

We had a chance to reverse this in 2004 but the propaganda from the Right Wing, the wealthy and media, especially from Fox via the ignorant sheep saw to it there would be continued War on Americans even though the same politically apathetic Americans thought the War was against Americans by Iraq.

There were small political victories by some of the concerned Left and in 2006 it looked for all the world as if things would turn around. But those we depended on to do so, turned on the Liberals and Progressives and sided with the wealthy in order to enrich themselves.

In 2008 we elected what we thought was a man who would surely reverse the corruption of at the very least the previous 8 years. But to the shock of Liberal Democrats and Progressives, he did no such thing. Instead, he and the people he installed and the party he headed sold out those who had put him and them in power. 

More and more power has been given to business. More and more restraints put on civil liberties. Unemployment grew and nothing was done to stop it while business and those running the Corporations got everything they wanted and more from Obama and his Congress.

Many feel Obama sold us out but there are those who believe otherwise, those who, much as the Bush 28 per centers supported everything he did, now sound just like those same single-minded Bush Apologists. Most pretend to be centrists or moderates but in actuality are Vichy Democrats like the French of 1940 willing to go along with and ignore the duplicity of this administration so long as they are still employed and have not lost what most other Americans have lost.

But all of what has happened so far is merely the beachhead of World War Three. Our president, who has done precious little to stop the Corporate March to totalitarianism suddenly finds himself in need of us again. So now he’s making mouth noises as though he’s somehow seen the light and for the first time in his Imperial Presidency, appears to be fighting for the common American by challenging the Corporations. How? He’s telling the drug companies they must provide the same conditions for Medicare and Medicaid. He’s telling the wealthy they will have to pay more taxes. He wants to end the farm subsidies. Can oil subsidies and mandatory jobs be far behind?Does he really understand the consequences of this tack?

All of this sounds well and good but it is merely allowing Corporate America to enter the next phase of their all out war on Americans. It’s all well and good Obama is saying he wants to do this. But if he does it (to get the votes for his re-election) what will the Corporations do? Why, they will have no choice but to raise prices, move more jobs overseas and lay off more Americans because they can’t keep their bottom line overflowing with profits or keep their already wealthy investors even greedier, and then blame Obama for it. The Republicans will use this against him in the election in 2012 and the completely Stupid American Public (SAPs) will believe them.

And when this happens, and it will, there’s nothing Obama will do about it. Oh, he’ll claim to the moderates and centrists he tried knowing full well what the result would be. If you think the inflation the Obama Administration has legally jerry-rigged is bad now, just wait.  By then, it will be too late. Once this goes down, the war is over and Corporate America officially wins.

Those who supported him will, of course, claim they were surprised he could do such a thing even as they spiral into the lower class they thought only existed for others. They’ll complain: too late.

Don’t believe it? Just wait. The alternatives that would have righted this foundering ship were ignored… on purpose, by a more than willing conscript in the White House.

A few thousand traitorous Americans will have done what powerful nations couldn’t do in over 200 years. And they will have been aided and abetted by the same Flock of American People who blindly and still willingly follow a puppet of the Corporations.

Karl Rove wanted to create a one party government – one that “will last a thousand years.” He didn’t. But it looks as though Obama did. Maybe not a thousand. But I’m betting on 50 to 75.

Show me I’m wrong.

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