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Sunday, September 11

Through an age darkly...

Some thoughts.

How will the wealthy divide up America and who gets to make the decision as to who gets what? Won’t that be interesting to watch?

America’s Kingdoms! I imagine the Kochs will set up their fiefdom in the Midwest; Gates in the Pacific Northwest; T. Boone Pickens in Texas; etc. The fight over New York City and surrounding area should be a hoot to watch. They’ll turn on each other sure as a dollar buys a vote. Internecine wars will be common place among AIG, Bloomburg, Wall Street, the Banksters until a real winner emerges.  Foreclosed homes will be allocated as rewards to the lower lords for fealty.
And of course while the Masters of this Universe are eating the carcass the founding fathers bore, China and the rest of the world will be striking deals with our new feudal lords for access to our services.
All in all it will probably get pretty medieval again. And the extinct middle class will walk around in a daze wondering how this could happen to them and how they could be treated so badly by those they unswervingly supported.

Who will pay the police to protect the wealthy once there are food, power and fuel shortages and the citizens take to the streets? The hired mercs of the wealthy, like the people on the street, won’t be able to buy anything with inflated money because there will be nothing to buy. And the wealthy sure as hell won’t share their bounty with those who they “pay money” to protect them. I’m sure it will come as quite a shock to them.

Is there really much difference between today’s Tea Publicans and the Spanish Inquisitors of the Church? They both denied science. They both were corrupt. The both tortured. They both ruled and tried to with all the nastiness they could. They persecuted those who wouldn’t believe as they did. They repressed dissent and free speech. They imprisoned any who dissented however trivial.

Crime and murder will be common place among the “rabble” consigned to the outer areas. Small warlords will abound. Gangs will rule until united by an all powerful warlord who will make deals with his feudal masters.

Yep. You betcha. The next few decades of the Second Dark Ages should be lots of fun. Will a new and better empire arise from the chaos of the early 21st century? Maybe after 50 or 75 years it might. And it might even last for a hundred years or so…but knowing human behavior, it'll probably end just like the current times. If those humans of the 22nd century are anything like us, I wouldn't bet a sack of flour.

Grab your popcorn. I got mine. You won't want to miss one glorious minute of the future Americans allowed to be created.

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