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Wednesday, September 28

Say it ain't so, George!!

B'gosh and B'gorrah!

It seems some of us might just have been right all along when we conspiracy theorists bitched about vote machine rigging! But, oh no, those who knew the TRUTH claimed we were just radicals looking for any excuse.

Even though I and some others along with probably hundreds of still others around the country did already show the Diebold Machines could have been hacked to change election outcomes, many, even on the Left, with the full agreement of those inpower, proclaimed "we wuz crazy and sore losers!"
Now it seems we were right all along. So what happens now? I know...let's have a re-vote of the entire 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010 elections everywhere in this country. But let's do it with paper ballots! It should only cost around, say, 700 billion! I know. You're all gonna say, "Where will that money come from? We just don't have it!" Well, actually we do have it. 'Loose change' from our polio-tician's, bankster's, CEO's, Wall Streeter's and Corporation's couches should more than cover it.

If that don't work, why we can just get Barry and Congress to pay for it with another bail out! This time we could call it, um... 


(Bailout Unscrupulous Rightwing Fascism)

If you want to ketchup on the bullshit that's been thrown at us by our trusted RepubliCrat Government since 2000, check out this site.

"The best government money can buy" - Greg Palast
Should be "The best power government corruption can steal."

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