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Wednesday, September 28

"if you're not paying for the service you are using, you are the product they are selling."

Facebook tracks you even after logging out
".......Facebook is a lot more than a social network and ultimately wants to be the premier platform on which people experience, organise and share digital entertainment," said Ovum analyst Eden Zoller.
But in alarming new revelations, Wollongong-based Nik Cubrilovic conducted tests, which revealed that when you log out of Facebook, rather than deleting its tracking cookies, the site merely modifies them, maintaining account information and other unique tokens that can be used to identify you.

Whenever you visit a web page that contains a Facebook button or widget, your browser is still sending details of your movements back to Facebook, Cubrilovic says.
"Even if you are logged out, Facebook still knows and can track every page you visit," Cubrilovic wrote in a blog post......

I beginning to hope for a mega solar flare to TAKE IT ALL down. My bad, I know, but this is REALLY making me want to just turn it off.. TURN IT ALL OFF!!!!

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