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Sunday, September 18

The earth in a minute...

From Universe Today via

 Bad Astronomy

The earth in a minute. 600 pictures by James Drake strung together to form a movie of the International Space Station circling the globe. View it at your highest resolution.

It always amazes me that the first thing the "morans" on earth complain about when money is tight is "we're wasting money in space when  people on earth are starving or have no homes or no education" yet not once do I hear from these concerned humans that "if we weren't killing brown and yellow and red and black people, those on earth would HAVE food and homes and education!"

What a Wonderful World!

Kind of a shame we can't take some Congress Fools up there, and let them experience this...from outside the station! (EV Suits optional!)

From Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy:

A lot of people on Twitter were asking about the brown-green arc above the Earth. That’s an aerosol haze, a glow caused by particles suspended high above the planet’s surface. It’s an extremely thin layer, so it’s best seen edge-on, for the same reason some very thin shells in space are bright only around the edges. From the ground it’s too faint to see this clearly, and from space it’s only visible on the night side of Earth.

Here's the youtube url:

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