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Wednesday, September 7

10 years after- we are so screwed

by blondesense liz

Good morning fellow travelers,

I've been thinking a lot as we near the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and reflect on that big hole in the ground in lower Manhattan.... I shouldn't think so much as it makes my head hurt at my age.... I can barely type what I have been thinking about but here goes: The Terrorists Won. I'm pretty sure the terrorists are the oligarchs.

The American people handed over the keys to the country to corporate shills and incompetent boobs. It is now "patriotic" to shut up and do as you're told. If you try to save money in the bank, you don't make any interest. If you go to college, you can't get a job when you graduate no matter how well you did in school. If you decide to serve your country in the military, they screw you royally in every way. Stuff you pay for via taxes is now referred to as "entitlements". No one questions pentagon spending at all when the lobbyists posing as congress debate what programs ought to be cut. No one questions the fact that the US can invade or bomb the hell out of any old country without a formal declaration of war. We've never paid more for health insurance and never paid so much in co-pays that it could bankrupt a family easily.

A few hundred people control more than half the wealth in the US. It doesn't seem fair but if I complain about it, I am labeled a socialist because that's now a bad thing. People think we should support the filthy rich so that when we become filthy rich ourselves, we won't have to pay taxes on it. duh. We are one of the lowest taxed countries in the world, but it's not low enough for the uber-wealthy.... what more can they buy? What do they need all that money for?

If there was indeed a "liberal agenda" Grover Norquist would have been assassinated.

I'm starting to think that more than half of the American people are complete idiots... I used to think that it was more like 30%- but the number is growing. I wouldn't drink the water if I were you.

Will need something like the French Revolution to get out of this mess? I hope not.

God (if there is one) is not omnipotent. God is a wussie just like the Democrats.

Over and out

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