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Thursday, August 11

Violence free revolution?

There's a lot of talk about revolution going around. Let's face it. There's no way today's couch potato(e) slothful, American Idol /Survivor/Dancing With The Stars slobs will put their jobs let alone lives on the line.
No one wants to get shot and the politicians and especially the corporations understand this.
Oh, there may be an isolated incident that doesn't involve anyone of consequence (no CEOs, Banksters, politicians, etc.). A couple of postal, Mikki D's, or Mall Workers...that's ok.
But rather than looking at violence, how about a boycott?

Yeah, I know. They don't work. Well, they did get Beck fired. But it's hard keep something like that up on a major basis.So...why not pick out one product nationwide or local and stop buying it? Maybe like we did to Beck's advertisers. Just one from one a time. One that is outsourced. Maybe a bunch of local boycotts nationwide would work better, no?

This goes for advertisers and TV Stations, too.

The kicker is to do this against the mid size businesses because you'll never get anyone to stop killing themselves at McDonalds. Leave small business alone...for now. But if enough mid size companies are hit, and they start to lose profits, the investors will get pissed. And they can put pressure on their local Representatives, who still aren't totally estranged from small and medium business in their districts.

Once a dent has been made in one corporation, start up on another, then another.

Imagine if that traitorous AARP lost even 15% of it's members? Would that get someone's attention? It would for my business.

Violence free revolution. It's safer than guns. The hours are great and you can do it from the comfort of your Bark-o-lounger or comfy chair or couch. Wouldn't really take that much effort of people's part. And really isn't that much of a sacrifice. Any ideas?

And, by the way, stop over at :moonseller and check it out.

If a couple of other posters here can have sites, I figure I might as well try, too.

If it works, great. If not, no big deal.

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