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Wednesday, August 17

So a few farm kids get hurt or die...

From kos:

There appear to be certain jobs on farms that some believe are too dangerous for children or even teenagers. So the Labor Department has proposed, but not yet released(?) details of a bill to update child labor laws that haven't been updated in 40 years for these kids. And for some foolish reason, these proposed "rules" are supposed to be reviewed within 90 days then opened for public comment.

Funny thing. They were proposed 9 months ago and have yet to be looked at by the White House. 

'Observers are confused in part because the changes would have minimal economic impact.
"We've been trying to figure out who's opposed to these rules," said Celeste Monforton, a former Department of Labor safety official and blogger writing about workplace safety issues. "Is it part of this administration's concerns about regulations and how they're perceived? I have not been able to discern that."'

Changes in regulations to improve safety? Let's take a closer look and not rush into anything.
Changes to try to gut Social Security, Medicare, cut spending to fix a mythical debt ceiling problem, increase illegal surveillance on Americans, kill the USPS and its unions? We'll get right on that!

Who is responsible for the delay? Whomever it is, he's standing behind an opaque glass window.

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