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Friday, July 1

"Why the Rich Elite will Suffer When the SHTF"

"The rich elite will suffer if there is a collapse and rest of us working stiffs will be fine thank you very much. That is my belief anyway.

"So why? Conventional wisdom and sense (if you want to call it that) tells us that those with fat bank accounts have it made: steady incomes, nice homes, luxury automobiles, and lots of help in the way of secretaries, personal chefs, housekeepers, gardeners, pool tenders and a myriad of other folks that make their day quite pleasant. In addition, they have all the latest and toys gadgets and when a new model comes out they are first in line to get it.

"So initially, these fat cats will be just fine in the event of a global economic collapse. But wait? What will happen to their cushy life when money becomes devalued or even worthless? Well first of all, they will go through their pantries in a week or two – possibly a month – and then find that when they need basic supplies, the shelves at the grocery are empty. The gardener is long gone and they did not learn to grow their own food because all the digging and tending would ruin their manicure.

"And then there is fear. Fear that their money is worthless, fear that the zombies will come in and steal their possessions, and perhaps the biggest fear of all, the fear that someone will shoot them dead for no reason other than unmitigated chaos within our cities and society in general."

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