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Tuesday, June 14

This administration's hypocrisy is nearly terminal.

This should sicken even the most die-hard of the O-pologists, but it won't.

Dan Choi is being held for trial on federal charges by the Obama Administration because:

"...He and 12 others activists were arrested and charged with violating a federal regulation prohibiting “interfering with agency functions,” in this case refusing to obey an order from the National Park Service."

"...however, not since Woodrow Wilson had Alice Paul arrested in 1917 has anyone been brought up on federal charges for doing so."

Wow! It's a good thing we can't put this behind us and move on like we did for the Bush criminals, the Wall Street criminals, the Iraq/Afghanistan war criminals or any and all of the other wealthy and powerful friends of Barry!

The hypocrisy of this administration now exceeds anything Bush and his people did and it's coming close to making Cheney and Company look good.

Obama is to concern for the common "American" as Palin/Bachmann are to intelligence.

How many more Friedman/Obama units is he to be given until those O-pologists can/will see his duplicity?

Primary him!

Any Democrat but Obama in 2012!


You know? Maybe it's time to change my political registration to Republican or at least Independent. Imagine if a few million Democrats who dislike the lies Barry has told, the promises he broke, the campaign promises he failed to even try to take a stand on, imagine that many of us changing political registration? Even if the Faux Liberals in the White House pooh-poohed the movement, imagine the concern Congressional and Local Democrats would experience over that?

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