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Monday, June 6

The Sound of Heads Exploding is Sweet Music to My Ears

I tell you the story of Adam Pearlman.

He was born in the Jewish faith, to parents who converted to evangelical Christianity (and changed the family name to Gadahn). Well, young Adam went in another direction.

He converted to Islam, joined al Qaeda, and is now the group's internet maven.

Adam has sent out a video recently, exhorting American Muslims and prospective jihadis to not wait for any organized terrorist group to point the way. Oh no. Adam is telling people to seek a Second Amendment alternative.

And now we come to the reason behind the title.

The National Rifle Association, one of the most powerful terrorist organizations in the United States, regularly browbeats and bullies our elected representatives into allowing the fullest availability of guns to everyone - lunatics, racists, militias, "sovereign citizens," Mexican drug cartels, etc. And how have they done this?

Gun shows, where you don't need no stinking background check to spoil your fun. Heck, in some places you don't even need two forms of identification - that would be a violation of your rights, you know.

The exploding heads are those of the NRA, who are seeing their adamant refusal to allow anything but the most superficial fig leaves for gun control turn into carte blanche for Mexican druggies, Muslim jihadis and just plain screwballs to get all the guns they want so they can drop by the mall and shoot the place up.

It's a forlorn hope that this video didn't reach any susceptible minds, but it's just like the venomous bilge spewed by the likes of Glenn Beck. The susceptible minds are out there, just waiting for the Propaganda of the Word to trigger them into the Deed.

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