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Friday, June 24

Obligatory Friday Sex Post

Summer time edition!

It's Summer, dear readers - time for fun in the sun, backyard barbecues, swimming, lounging on the beach ...

But, apparently, not the right time for some activities.

A couple were sunning on the beach at Treasure Island, Florida a couple of days ago when the combination of sun, sand and the slow pulse of the waves made them a tad ... shall we say ... frisky?

Unfortunately, they chose to perform certain acts (the article doesn't specify what, but said acts may have included the Horizontal Mambo, the Bolivian Porkpie and maybe even the Albanian Triple Twist) in full view of a popular restaurant that overlooked the beach.

During a meal.

With kids watching.

Obviously, the two lovebirds were arrested, and are now out on bond.

Moral: If the mood strikes, find a private beach or get a room. Just don't do it in public, or you may frighten more than just the horses.

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