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Friday, June 3

More proof there is no god...


Whose the more foolish? The fool? Or the fool who follows the fool?

Mind-numbingly stupid!
The mini ice cube she uses for a brain has thawed and dribble out her ears.
A walking, talking ad for birth control.
The poster girl for Republican Education.

If ANY of you out there believe even one word of anything this moron tries to say about politics or how this country should be run, after hearing the facts that she knows NOTHING literally about ANYTHING, you are worse than she is, stupider than she is and should either check yourself and family into the nearest mental hospital or just end your miserable life.

Remember! This is a person who knows absolutely NOTHING about history, geography, math, etc. etc.
BUT...those who follow her believe everything she says about the government and what should be done in the world! Uh Oh! 10 minute to Wapner...10 minutes to Wapner!

Can ANYONE think of any person who ever existed stupider than this POS?

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