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Thursday, June 2

A long and overdue, pissed off rant!

It’s the early 20th Century, let’s say, before the mid 60s or early 70s. You’re the Male head of the household, the boss of the family, the bread winner and every other metaphor you can think of.

YOU’RE the god of YOUR family. YOU go to work so that YOU can pay the mortgage so that YOU can pay the utilities so that YOU can make sure YOUR wife stays home and has YOUR house neat, has YOUR dinner ready and YOUR clothes cleaned. YOU provide food and clothing and shelter for YOUR family. YOU make sure YOUR son has everything he wants and needs and YOU make sure YOUR daughter learns her rightful place in society to become THE proper wife for someone else’s son.

Lately, though, things haven’t been so good for YOU. There are layoffs at the factory and cutbacks on overtime and that means less money for YOU. Of course, that’s really not YOUR problem. YOUR wife and family will just have to deal with less coming in while making sure YOU enjoy everything YOU used to enjoy. I mean, YOU can’t be asked to give up Friday nights out with the guys or those Saturday Tee Times or not be able to go where YOU want to go and do what YOU want to do whenever YOU want to do it. And if SHE can’t handle that? Well, YOUR father and grandfather sure knew how to discipline their wife and family to make sure things went smoothly, because THEY were the breadwinners and THEY made damn sure their wife and family had to listen to what THEY wanted.

But things have changed and YOU don’t have the same or even as much power over YOUR family as YOU once did, and YOU certainly aren’t in the same position of family power as your father or grandfather. That really bothers YOU. There’s that damn ERA thing, burn the bra thing, rock and roll, more and more freedom for YOUR kids to go more and more places that don’t require YOU to make the decision as to whether THEY can go or not, who THEY can see or really what THEY can do or learn.

And YOU still have problems, not at the factory anymore because it closed and YOU had to find another job that didn’t pay as well and YOUR wife had to go out to get some part time work to keep YOU living like YOU almost used to. Of course, SHE still has to make sure the house is running properly in spite of working that extra job for YOUR family because YOU are still the head of the house, right?

Costs for all the things YOU used to enjoy have risen more than YOUR income and YOU are upset with those businesses...but there isn’t anything YOU can do about OTHER people or businesses and YOU’RE getting really frustrated. YOU heard on TV that YOUR taxes are too high and those who don’t have as much as YOU, don’t pay any taxes and get stuff for free from hard working guys like YOU. YOU know YOUR money is being wasted on other people while YOU keep working and paying more and more. Hell, YOU can’t even go to YOUR old club because they now let ANYONE in and YOU don’t feel that SOME people should be able to be a member. Maybe THEY even get free money (YOUR money) to join YOUR club while YOU have to pay out of YOUR pocket! YOU know that’s not fair to YOU!

The frustration keeps mounting and YOU soon lose the ability to handle YOUR family situations. The wife and kids are not only doing their own things, THEY seem to think THEY don’t really have to listen to YOU anymore or do what YOU tell THEM even though YOU are still paying for everything (in YOUR opinion) or giving THEM everything they want and get. THEY…are becoming MUCH too independent and that threatens YOUR way of life!

YOU can’t control those outside problems that have affected the style of life YOU’RE accustomed to. Oh, YOU may complain about high taxes and prices or problems with those damn illegal immigrants or the jokers in Washington who take more and more of YOUR money and give YOU nothing back or the idiots on television who don’t realize WE aren’t supposed to be pushed around by other nations or WE give too much of YOUR money to other countries that don’t like us. Or it’s a hundred other things YOU see on the ONE TV channel, the ONLY TV channel YOU believe tells things as they are.

Is that what it is? That YOU’RE extremely frustrated because the world doesn’t work the way YOU think it should; that YOU suffer while paying for others to live well? Yep! YOU betcha! And YOU can’t do a damn thing about it or them. So what do YOU do?

It’s simple, really. YOU must reassert YOUR power over YOUR family! Forget about those others. YOU have no control over what THEY do. YOU must make YOUR family understand YOU are the boss, not THEM. YOU decide what THEY’LL watch, what THEY can do, where THEY can go and how long THEY can stay there. YOU must take steps, however unpleasant to THEM, to ensure THEY conform to YOUR decisions…for THEIR own good, because only YOU know what’s best for THEM. And if THEY don’t understand that YOU are just trying to provide for THEM the way YOU used to, then YOU need to do whatever it takes to bring THEM into line even if it means terrible sacrifices for THEM, while YOU continue to live the way YOU’VE always lived…or even a little better…just to show THEM who is the real boss. This way YOU know THEY’LL have to come around to the way it was in the good old days when YOU were in charge, and THEY did what THEY were told.

Did I just describe America today?


Those in charge in America have lost their power in the eyes of the world. Sand has been kicked in their faces first with Korea then Vietnam, Iraq twice and currently Afghanistan. We’ve become a political and actual military patsy; a loser to countries those in Washington think should knuckle under to our every whim – but aren’t and seemingly won’t.

When a bully gets shown up for what he or it, really is, the bully usually looks for others less formidable to bully. This is the case with America. Today, the American Political and Military Machines realizes they are no longer the "police force" of the world so they turn inward to try to control those they can.

The Military and Politicians today think they are the best there ever was yet they all have to live with the accomplishments of the greats of the last century. Generals and politicians won two major wars in the 20th century. Today’s brass can’t equal what those men did regardless of how hard they try, and believe me, they ARE trying as hard as they can. To make a name for themselves in the history (or revisionist history) books is all they care about. Same with politicians. No great orators today. No great thinkers. No wisdom to lead a nation to make itself better. Thinking died with Ike as did military brilliance.

Instead, these wannabes turn on the only people they can control, American Citizens. They treat them worse than animals because of an ego that knows no bounds and out of a desire for fame.

It seems our government can no longer militarily or politically beat other nations (Granada excepted) so they need to show how big and powerful they are by even more subjugation of the only ones they can bully…the American People.

Make no mistake...The American Government is at war with its own people, undeclared but at war nonetheless. Maybe they finally found the one war they’ve been looking for in a weak enough group of people they can finally defeat.

Hell of a fight! Beat the America People into submission because you can't beat anyone else. Beat and degrade the only people to support you then treat them like dirt. This the New American Way.

Medals all around, guys. The parade starts around noon, January, 2012. The cheering may be much later.

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