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Saturday, June 4

Duh...what do incompetent mean?

That's it! We're done as a people!
First (just the stuff from this century) it 9/11, then it was the WMD to get us into Iraq. Then the yellow cake. Don't forget the anthrax (never really liked their style!) Next the gays would turn everyone gay and San(c)torum knew that we'd all be fucking dogs.

We're safer now because the government allows TSA people to play with our gonads (Ever wonder how many of them are gay? Oops!)

The Taliban will row boats to America's shores (because they can't get shampoo past the TSA) to kill us off.

Monsanto is engineering food to kill of all the pests but are killing the bees so they have to develop new strains of food that doesn't require pollenization so they can charge Americans much more money to be able to eat.

Big foot has moved into apartments in the city because loggers have gutted forests.

UFO's regularly check in to make sure Barry is doing what they want (to serve man).

Sarah Palin continues to exist. People who can't spell their names believe everything she says.

Fox is the only media that tells the truth (and the chickens in Fox's Hen house keep paying Fox to watch more and more).

But this may show an even better example of the shearing of the sheep, except that shearing was a little to close to what is left of the brains of the sheep.

Prince Willie is divorcing Kate after only 5 weeks of marriage! Damn Straight! Too true! Gospel! Word! Hand to God and cross my heart and hope to die!

And that comes right from...the Onion?
Yep. But the ignorant masses out there are toooo stupid to think for themselves or even check it out. So they bombard a site with their outrage!
If you want a good laugh...or cry. visit this site and mavel at American Stupidity.

Literally Unbelievable

ALL of this because Georgie Boy claimed he was a uniter, not a divider. Right!

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