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Sunday, June 5

"change" someone believes in...

...just maybe not me!

Minimum wage jumps in Haiti

The U.S. intervened in Haiti so Hanes, Levi Strauss, Exxon and Chevron could make a lot more money from the backs of the Haitians.

But! Good News for the poor of Haiti. Their minimum wage just jumped to $.61 per hour from $.24 per hour. But the cost of buying those expensive items from Levi and Hanes just got costlier because...uh...gas is higher...uh there's strife in some country...the Wall Street speculators caused it...the devil made them do it.

Read it.

But he's doing such a swell job looking out for all the middle class! Let's just give him another 4 years. You know. Just like we gave W!

C'mon O-polgists. Justify this.

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