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Monday, June 20

As tyme goes by...


Yes, folk. All of that and more! For tomorrow the sun starts it's journey south. Soon the leaves will be falling; kids will be going back to school; Halloween is right around the corner;get ready for the the big Turkey Day; Santa's nearly here;the cold, dark days of the Winter of our Discontent is neigh! (cough cough!)

And we never even had a decent Spring. Summer's almost gone! (Sigh!) No more cookouts. No more short sleeve walks with your favorite gal or guy under the moon.

The crickets will soon be quieted. Song birds will start heading south. Salt trucks are filling. Garages are getting snow tires ready. Stores have their Winter clothes out already!

Get ready to stay indoors, curl up under a nice afghan with a good electronic gadget, have some hot cocoa, you football fans, why not try enjoy some great hockey (the BEST sport) and try to stay warm. If the kids want to freeze their asses off sledding and skiing and ice skating, let them. They'll learn all too soon how fast time flies.

Yep! It's the end, almost. Seems Spring lasts a few minutes; Summer even less; but Winter is forever!

Maybe as we get older, time really does go faster.
(Sigh) Oh well. Gotta make the most of it. Take the good with the bad.
Will we have a globally warm Winter or begin a new Ice Age? Stay tuned.

But hope springs eternal, except in politics...and life today as we knew it.
So lay in a goodly supply of firewood and food (if you can afford it) and make sure the steins are never empty.

It's all downhill from here!

(Those of you in the warmer climes, suck an icicle!)

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