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Thursday, May 5

Who Do You Trust?*

* Concerning our government;
also, A Game show hosted by Johnny Carson in 1957.

The latest example of government doublespeak is the bin Laden death/murder/execution bit.
Here’s a snippit from

‘…First he had a gun, then he didn't, first he grabbed a woman as a human shield, then he didn't. First they shot him twice in the head, then they didn't.

And now we find out that the extended firefight wasn't a firefight at all. The only shots fired were from a courier at the beginning of the raid. Osama didn't have a gun like we were told he did. But now we learn that there was a rifle within reach...


This is being handled in an incredibly amateur way. It makes the White House look bad. It makes all of us look bad. One assumes the part about the dead guy being bin Laden is still true, but the rest of the story? Who knows at this point.’

Did John Wilkes Booth act alone?
Did the U.S. blow up the Maine to start a war?
Was the Lusitania carrying ammunition?
Did FDR “set up WWII" by letting the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor happen even though he supposedly knew in advance about it?
Did a spaceship crash in New Mexico in 1947?
JFK? Too much to question?
RFK? Because of Jimmy Hoffa?
Jimmy Hoffa? Did Teddy get even?
Did Reagan make a deal with Khomeni to get elected?
Who was behind Iran/Contra?
Was McCain involved in the Keating Scandal?
How much involved were Neil Bush and maybe Daddy Bush in the same scandal?
Was the 2000 election really fixed?
What really happened to cause 9/11?
Who and how many caused the financial collapse on 2008 and why?
Is bin Laden really dead?
Why do Americans choose to believe Big Business over the government?

Is there in truth, no conspiracy?
In all of these instances, our government has used the famous Star Wars line “Nothing to see here, move along, move along!”

A while ago on this blog and many others, questions were raised about 9/11. A group took it upon themselves to debunk the theory that the U.S. (in particular Cheney et al.) masterminded the whole operation so as to plunge the U.S into a fear mongered state, enter an illegal war with Iraq to steal oil and make their business friends wealthy beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Explanations went so far as to invent scientific evidence that stretched the imagination like a rubber band. In the end, with help from the government (who would never lie to us) the matter was thought to be put to rest. Many are still not convinced our government played no role in the incident. Whatever. Yet we’re expected to believe them because…well, because they’re like our parents or big brothers or sisters and only they know what’s best for us. Except that the big brother in this case may turn out to be Eddie Haskell!

With all of the above examples of situations that had no satisfying factual explanations or at least ones that the government served up on a platter to believe or not, is it any wonder people question the government's sincerity? (I don’t care if you believe this but the rest of the evidence/information/testimony is sealed…for National Security, etc. etc.)

Again, this is not to say that all of these events didn’t happen just the way the government said they did. But sometimes it’s hard to keep a straight face writing this stuff.

As the events become more numerous and the “logical explanations” become more questionable, more and more people begin to wonder who DO you trust?

I’m just throwing this out so the anti-truthers and conspiracy theorists have something new to do. I’m not saying anything is true or false, just that the way the story is presented leaves open the option of disbelief. Does the government not want us to learn the truth (if there is truth to be learned)? They believe we can’t handle the truth. Maybe they’re correct.

I’ve watched and listened to Americans the last 35 years ready, willing and able to accept that our government lies to them while at the same time they swallow anything big business spoons out with lawyer speak. Why is that? Maybe just because of incidents like those enumerated at the top…or the latest concerning bin Laden.

Is he really dead? Some don’t believe so. But those who don’t believe that might also believe climate change to be a hoax; that there is such a thing as clean coal or natural gas; that there’s a spiritual being in the sky who will forgive all of their transgressions because they really are deep down good but will punish others because…well, because they need punished.

These are the people who send money to the Nigerian Lottery, give to charities they never heard of then discover they've been duped, believe implicitly what is said on television, especially Fox and know that our government always lies to them…yet they choose to believe companies that we all know really do lie, time and again. These are the same people who then demand, that the government they feel lies to them, make them safe from their own stupidity.

So what’s real and not? I don’t know. I doubt anyone will ever know. A single bullet killed JKF then mystically turned 90 degrees to lodge in Connelly’s wrist, which his family won’t allow the body to be exhumed to corroborate. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon but never brought back the green cheese we all know is there. Instead he brought back rocks just like we have here on earth. Right! The list goes on. Does the government lie? Does business lie? Do we know if both are working together? It’s easy to give up and love big brother. Maybe that’s the whole idea, because it seems to be working.

One of my favorite quotes is from the old “Night Court” series. Shelley Berman plays a mentally confused person who tells Judge Harry Stone (Harry Anderson) the following:

I don't know what to believe

"When I was young, my mother told me Santa Claus was real. But then, when I got older, she told me he wasn't.

One book says Jesus is real. One book says he isn't.

We're living in the greatest country on earth, and we're murdering each other in the streets.

What did they expect when they made us believe in the tooth fairy, and the Easter Bunny; and then gave us the nuclear bomb to play with?

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, is a lie like all the rest. The astronauts killed the man in the moon….growing up took care of the rest."

Shelley Berman, "Al", Night Court, 1987

Is bin Laden dead? Did Oswald kill JFK? Did Cheney and Company mastermind 9/11 for personal gain?

As for me, the only thing I know for a fact is…the check’s in the mail.

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