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Sunday, May 29

When will the Republicans appoint an Inquisitor?

The stupid that is Sarah Palin is spreading throughout the Republican/Tea Bigot Parties.
I'm afraid I have to take issue with a comment Saborlas made concerning Palin as a virus. This may be a new strain of stupid to be impacted on the political scene circa 2008, and it comes from Wasilla. I always thought extreme cold kept pathogens to a minimum. If it's too cold for their widdle feetses to move around, you don't catch what they try to infect you with.
But this may be even stupider than anything Palin has ever said, if for no other reason than it's taught in 3rd grade which may be a grade higher than Dana Rohrabacher who uttered it, completed.

I can't do this justice with sarcasm, sardonic wit or even utter profanity. You just have to read it yourself and marvel at the lack of intellect this man exhibits.
I used to think they simply opened their mouths and said whatever came into their heads. Now I really, truly understand there is absolutely nothing between Republican/Tea Bigot ears. No rock, no jelly, no wood not even vacuum (the scientists are still flumoxed on that one).

Here it is. Read at your own risk. Keep away from sharp objects; send the kids to their rooms; grab all the Valium you can handle; get a 5 gallon bucket beside the computer.

Republican minds: where thinking goes to die.

Cut down the Rain forests to stop Carbon Emissions!

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