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Wednesday, May 18

Third time's a charm Paul... Good luck to you and yours!

Looks like Blondesense Liz lost out again!

From the BS archives, May '08

Ladies, He's Available Again
Sir Paul McCartney, the man I was supposed to marry in 1964 after I first laid eyes on him, listened to him sing and wag his moppy head, but I was too young for him, is now available once again.

Paul, if you're reading this, I'm older now... and better. I never loved you for your money. I loved you for being you. And get this... I'm a singer/songwriter now which I wasn't in 1964. We are both so much wiser and I really need to get off this island. Call me.

DON'T MISS THIS 2006 PERFORMANCE OF Till There Was You (from the Space within Us DVD)

You can read about the importance of this song in the Beatle's repertoire here.
The truth of the matter is that the song was a major determining factor in the Beatles being signed to EMI’s Parlophone Records in Britain, thereby catapulting them to fame throughout the world. If it wasn’t for the Beatles adding “Till There Was You” to their repertoire, they no doubt would have had the same fate of most of the ‘beat groups’ of the Liverpool music scene,....

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