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Monday, May 23

Things that Make My Brain Hurt on a Monday

There are times when I just want to yell that, very loudly.

Over at Crooks and Liars, there is a video clip of Sarah Palin holding forth to Jean Pirro on that woman's Fox 'News' show. As usual, Miss Clueless 2008 was holding forth about President Obama and here's what happened:

Hear that? Palin considers Obama to be our "temporary leader."

I wonder if the Half-Term Governor realized as she said this that ALL Presidents of the United States are temporary. It's a temp job that a person holds for a maximum of eight years (longer if you're Franklin Roosevelt).

I'm certain, though, that Obama won't just up and quit before his term's out ... like a certain female Governor of Alaska did.

Palin's said that she had the "fire in her belly" about running for President. My advice is to take some Prilosec and concentrate instead on how pissed off her daughter will be to find Mama Grizzly moving into the same state she lives in. Yeah, that's right, Sarah's considering moving to Arizona - until she discovers it's got a lot of non-white people who'll make her uncomfortable (just like it did when she attended (briefly) the University of Hawaii).

She's now an attention whore, pulling in scads of moolah from her book sales, speaking fees and her show on Fox, where even Roger Ailes considers her stupid.

If she runs, she could conceivably get nominated.

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