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Monday, May 23

Post Apocalypse: Left Behind

by blondesense liz

It appears that I have been left behind. So far everyone I know is still here including those who were sure they'd be raptured. I must admit that I was secretly hoping that the rapturists would make their exit over the weekend and that traffic would clear up, the job market would open up and there'd be a little less "crazy" in the world.

It's kind of funny that the bible was used to calculate the day and time of the rapture and yet the same bible insists that NO ONE knows the day and time that Jesus will come back. Even if Jesus was planning on coming back over the weekend, he'd have to pick a new date because it's supposed to be a surprise! (the people who use the bible for prophecy ought to read all of it.) And furthermore, the same bible warns that everyone should always be ready for judgment day. Well now the rapturists who sold all their stuff are ready. I wonder if they will try to get on Medicaid now.

Meanwhile in other news, the only people feigning disgust at President Obama's suggestion that Israel move their borders back to those borders of 1967 are misinformed Evangelists who want Jesus to return and the corporate media who despise anything the president suggests even if Republicans suggested it first. Presidents Bush and Clinton also proposed this, so it's nothing new.

The RCC (catlicks) can bite me for not taking responsibility for their deviant priests. If they had taken my suggestion and not made the RCC a safe haven for perverts in the first place, there wouldn't be so many of them joining the priesthood. For instance, if I were a pervert and the RCC publicly prosecuted pedophile priests, I would look elsewhere for a career. Duh.

Are most of the readers here left behind too?

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