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Tuesday, May 24

Fuck Godwin's law, is this is 1930s Germany or 21st Century America? I can't tell the difference any longer.

This was up a couple of days ago. There are stories the guy in the wheelchair was drinking or flipped off the cops or maybe he even said good morning to them. There was even a report that he "attacked" one of the 250 pound, steroidal SS. Does it really matter? It's kind of a shame there were only two Dark Shirts to take care of this obvious threat to their safety.

In their defense, I'm sure they didn't have time to call for back up or reinforcements to help them subdue this heinous perp since the situation was near riot conditions. If they don't get a commendation for this, it'll be a crime. Then these jackbooted, above the law types will be able to use any type of force to justify action like this.

With this kind of behavior nearly now the norm, these palace guards need to go. I imagine it won't be long before mandatory pictures of the current president on the walls of
Polizeistation are replaced with the idolized image of Heinrich Himmler. He must be so proud to see the fruit of his ideals become the status quo.

I wonder if this makes the likes of Lee Greenwood "Proud to be an American?"

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