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Wednesday, May 4

Dear Lord, How much more do we have to take? Make her go away!

Sometimes, it's all you can do to stay sane...

Another preciously wonderful Sarah Palin moment. Read it and try to remember it’s 2011 not 2008. Some things never seem to change regardless of presidential aspirations.

The Republican theme on education seems to be a smashing success…if you base it on the likes of their Senators, Representatives, candidates and today’s media. No Child Left Behind is just the beginning. Enter the “mama cum louder”, the half wit quitta from Wasilla, the only person to make the feigned dumb blonde comments of Jessica Simpson look like Bill Shakespear’s writing!

Is it possible that in the history of politics (or history itself?) anyone could be as vapidly stupid, less informed of…anything, more ignorant of life and her surroundings than ‘sirrah’ Palin or her brood?

One of life’s greatest challenges (since Summer of 2008) has been anyone’s ability to describe the mind numbing, feckless blatherings of this incredibly ignorant fool.
(Can dodos Tweet? It would appear so!) Some will argue that she really is like Jessica Simpson and does it for the publicity. Others believe it obviously is a ploy for the cash those even more imbecilic than she throw at her.

It’s not possible to do justice to insults aimed at her. Someone once said watching Palin is like driving by an accident scene; you don’t really want to look but you can’t take your eyes away from the carnage.

And please don't even get me started on that voice! Dogs for miles around her appearances bites themselves silly upon hearing anything that shrill. Glaciers crumble, avalanches fall, fine crystal shatters when she screeches. Yet to some she's a modern day siren; I would imagine those people love sniffing skunks, too!

That she is looked up to, even revered, by what passes for humans today (who blissfully call themselves tea baggers, totally ignorant of the meaning...or not?) is a sad reflection on this society and the evident lack of education, but successful indoctrination by the Right, of those who worship her.

The Republicans are trying their best, with the help of the tumbleweed brainless in Texas and the gitar-pluckin’, pick-em-up-truck ridin’ mental midgets from Tennessee, to convince the rest of the country it’s better to live in rapturously ecstatic ignorance, continued abject poverty and thoughtless servitude to Corporate America. This way those already with the power and wealth can sit in their castles, eat their caviar, drink their Bollinger’s, and wonder what the “poor are doing”, all the while laughing their asses off at the ignorance that’s become epidemic in America all thanks to these "NeoPatricians" (I like that term much more than NeoCons. It describes them and their Ancient Roman attitude much better).

Palin makes Miss South Carolina seem smart. I know men marry women just for looks but, c’mon Todd, don’t you miss being able to have a semi literate conversation even once in a while? Unless, of course, you’re as well educated as your wife, in which case no explanation is needed. It’s just a shame you and she decided to pass on such an incomprehensible lack of knowledge. Sadly, Trig may turn out to be the brightest in this clan of ice cave grizzlies.

While I can’t even begin to express the contempt and loathing I feel for this piece of useless flesh, I have an even more difficult time accepting the minions who not only follow her, idolize her or automaton-ically (?) believe every word she vomits from the cesspool she calls a mouth. That goes for the so-called press which is as much of a joke as Palin. Of course their excuse is for the story, to sell advertising so they and their employers can become wealthier at the expense of the ignorant masses.

Is it possible Palin is a 21st Century mutation of Sybil? A NeoPolitical Tourette? Is she the result of genetic mutation from eating Monsantoized food or the result of too much of Rummy's Aspartame or maybe residual affects of Chernobyl (after all if she could see Russia from her house, what’s to stop all that radiation from wafting up to her front porch as she and the first dude sat holding hands and drinking irradiated lemonade?) or has she ingested worms or other organisms from the moose (meese?), wolves and gawd knows what else she killed and ate that fed off the contaminated flora and fauna of the oil spilled fields of Alaska?

We’ve all felt like stepping out back and just letting loose one tremendous primal scream at times. This is one of them for me.

Imagine if you will, a country filled with those whose intellect only approaches Sarah Palin’s?
Imagine if you will a country whose people think someone with the reasoning power of a nematode is worthy to represent them?
Imagine if you will, America in 20 years if these NeoPatrician Republicans have their way now?

If Radical Right Wing dogma induced ignorance is bliss, Thomas More has got to be smiling somewhere. If you never read it, you owe it to yourself, but do so from the standpoint of today’s Radical Right with all you’ve heard them spew, all the regression they espouse. Why the Right idolizes Rand over modifying More’s ideas, I’ll never understand. I wonder if Ayn didn't read young Sarah Thomas More's work to lull her to sleep under a potato(e?, Eh, Dan?) patch?

Maybe you’ll join me out back...screaming like a Banschee!

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