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Monday, May 2

Any way the windfall blows?

Much as I’d like to equate this Osama thing with missing White Girls or a mixed up pop singer dying, there are a number of other things that should be looked at.
There’s no doubt that Obama will enjoy a, probably, significant ratings bump. It might even be enough to carry him well into 2012 or possibly beyond, if it’s played properly.

We’ve already seen the Right trying to share this accomplishment by claiming Bush’s pathetic involvement in trying to capture or kill bin Laden really made it possible. They’re trying everything to downplay the sudden popularity increase for Obama. It’ll be a tough sell by the Wingnut Party but I have every confidence in Luntz telling his stooges how to think, what to say and how many times to say it.

So what’s to come? Well, Congress will provide the answers in the coming weeks if we look closely enough. This is a time for Obama to make political hay, if he really wants to make things right. How bad would it look for Republicans to fight his every proposal in public now? The people who don’t follow politics closely or at all may finally (with the help of Democratic cojones) see Republican obstructionism as a poorly disguised attempt at payback or even retaliation for a Right Wing sour grapes attitude over what Obama did…that Bush had 8 years to do with probably more [illegal] resources and manpower yet couldn’t or didn’t want to.

The upside:
The Democrats need to take advantage of this *NOW* by letting the people know Obama CAN get things done when he really wants to and the problem (partly) is the corporate sucking, pig-headed NO-NO attitude of the Republican Party. If the Democrats actively pursue this at every opportunity, it would be political suicide for McConnell, Boehner and most of the Right to fight against Obama’s policies right now, not only at the national but local levels.

The downside:
That said however, it could turn out to be the wrong edge of the proverbial sword. Obama has a remarkable penchant for listening to the wrong (in my opinion) advisers. If fools like Geithner continue to push him to concentrate on the moronic deficit bullshit or any changes to Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid, or if he even considers more icing to Wall Street and the Banksters, then this windfall of political capital will show his base and those not so enthralled with his policies he really doesn’t care about them at all and middle and lower class life will continue its downward spiral.

What Obama should NOT do right now is make the kind of deals he and his team made with Big Pharma and the like in those backrooms.
Now is NOT the time to increase the Fatherland thing; now is NOT the time to tighten controls on American Freedoms especially using the National Security excuse; now is NOT the time reward the wealthy for supporting him.

Now IS the time for Obama help the Americans who need jobs; who need to be able to afford food and gas, education and the merest basics of existence; who need decent mortgages for homes and who need not to be thrown out into the street.

Now IS the time for Obama to stand up to the Banks and stop their abuse of Americans.

Now IS the time for Obama to tell Congress, in no uncertain terms, it’s time to do real things for real people and forget the controlling avarice of big business.

Now IS the time to get fair, legitimate and working regulations passed by a lackluster Congress and to reign in business excesses. Now IS the time to fulfill campaign promises he made to the American People.

Some choice, huh? But it’s one he now has the political capital, in excess, to spend.

The question is… which Obama will we see, the one who spoke out against Wall Street and Bush’s corruptions during his campaign for the American people…

or the Obama who caters to Big Business and Wall Street?

It’ll be interesting to see which way the windfall blows.

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