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Thursday, May 5

And the Heavens declare...

This is just plain incredible. A look at the Milky Way Galaxy (ours) from a number of different photos merged into one fantastic interactive shot. You can zoom in, slide right or left. Most won't be familiar to many but at the extreme right, you can see the constellation Orion and since it's angled to the upper right the top of which points north to give you a little perspective of how we see the sky in the northern latitudes.

Here is the main url that gives the info .
Sky Survey

If you click on the picture to the right that says "Zoom in", it'll take you to the picture which is composed of 37,000 exposures and takes up 5 giga pixels!
he guy travels a long, long way and time to get this.

It shows just how insignificant we really are in the grand scheme of things.
Here's the url to go there directly in case the page gets moved, or just click the picture.

Sky Survey Milky Way

Thanx to Phil Plait at Bad Astronom

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