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Friday, April 1

When all else fails...CRANK UP THAT VOLUME...and go ROCKIN' AT MIDNIGHT with the Honeydrippers!

(remastered version - 2007 - part of a Robert Plant remasted series)

To Plant's horror, "Sea of Love" became Plant's biggest-selling single. According to Plant, the original single was "Rockin' at Midnight," with "Sea of Love" as the "B" side. The single was eventually "flipped" because radio stations were playing "Sea of Love" far more than Rockin' at Midnight. Plant feared his career would be ruined by this, and that people would think of him now as a "crooner", instead of the rock and roll singer he'd always been. As a result, when he would be asked about The Honeydrippers in years to come, Plant would refer to The Honeydrippers as having been "put to sleep." "Rockin at Midnight" is a remake of a 1954 Elvis Sun single called "Good Rockin' Tonight".

I'd give anything to see the Saturday Night Live episode from 12/15/84. The band performed "Rockin' at Midnight" live, and featured Brian Setzer on guitar and Paul Shaffer on piano.

No one can touch Jeff Beck's guitar magic though. He's the 'cherry on top' as the song fades...


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