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Saturday, April 30

Our Money's worth?

We all know it hurts to pay for gas today. And it's so nice that the car people are telling us just how great it is to get umpteen million miles to the gallon.

But here's an interesting table that brings the true cost home of what you are getting for what you pay. This doesn't take into account factors like detours, getting stuck in traffic, etc. We all know it's expensive but when you really look at the true value you're getting for your money...

It just shows simply how many miles you get for each dollar of gas you put into your car. Take these numbers into account the next time you "run to the store" or just take the kids to whatever.

To make you really nostalgic (or ill), the lower table is from a million years ago, or so, when gas was affordable.
Admittedly, most cars then got 5 to 15 miles per gallon, but...still...(My "Little Honda 50" got over 70 mpg then and its predecessor, my pride and joy, an Indian, got 40!)

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