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Monday, April 11

Days of Future Past

Just got back from a vacation in the summer of 2015. (They haven't repossessed my tyme machine just yet.)

I thought I'd share a couple of pictures I took during a tour in Washington.
I'll post a few more pictures once they make it through the portal. The ones of the dilapidated National Archives and the Abandoned Smithsonian were particularly poignant!

What was really interesting were the new statues of Ayn Rand where the Jefferson Memorial used to be and St. Ronnie's enormous bust where the Washington monument once stood.

I almost forgot. The new D.C. Creation Museum is right next to the National Church (used to be RFK Stadium). Services are held around the clock by rotating Reverends. Attendance wasn't optional. I didn't have my National I.D. card so the trip was cut short
Oh, and I really loved the new gold covered Glenn Beck U.S. Mint. You can see the new U.S. motto on the buildings in the pictures. I couldn't get pictures of coins with it on, they were too small for my macro lens.

The future looks to hold a wealth of changes!

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