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Thursday, March 10

You say you want a revolution?

Karl Rove’s dream is almost true. Very soon now, we’ll have a one party government. If by government you mean Corporations deciding how you and your children will live the next 50 years (if you can survive), then you indeed are getting what you wanted...if you weren't concerned enough to learn about the issues and if you didn't vote. And judging by the outcome of the 2010 mid-term election, most of the Left stayed home and watched Soap Operas, American Idol, Jerry Springer and People’s Court.
When Republicans take control of the Senate and the White House in 2012, and they will thanks to American apathy and computer election fraud, the last American Revolution will finally end.
You didn’t know there was a revolution? Have you paid attention to any source but the Main Stream Media since 2001? Evidently not.
Make no mistake. While those on both sides in the general population talked of “revolution” since “W” stole the 2001 election, the Corporations of the former United States of America have quietly conducted their own revolution. And they did it without guns or bullets or violence. They did it by buying politicians; politicians who changed or circumvented or discarded with impunity already established laws.
The revolution is nearly over. It won’t even end with a whimper thanks to the spineless Democratic Politicians and apathetic Americans. Hell, most Americans won't even realize there's been a revolution until the shit finally hits them and sadly, most think it never will (I got mine, you get yours).
When one of these Democratic Politicians accepts his thirty pieces of silver to vote against what the majority of the people want and in favor of Corporations, he or she is no longer a Democrat. Start calling them what they really are: Corporatons. It’s interesting that an online dictionary’s second definition of a politician is:
“a seeker or holder of public office, who is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles."
The Democrats and our current president have finally succumbed to the addiction the Republicans have main-lined for years - personal greed.
First it was the “Patriot Act” to protect us from Muslims (ironic title there, eh…Patriot!) by “temporarily” removing “some” of our freedoms. (Temporary. new definition. See Obama, 2010)
Some Democrats (along with most of the general population) stood silently while the First and Fourth Amendments were made obsolete under the lies of Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and now Obama.
Those Democrats and our current president stood silently, or in many cases aided Republicans and Corporations while the Republican MINORITY of 2006-2010, with the help of a quisling president gave in to everything Republican businesses wanted.
They and our current president stood by silently, or in many cases aided Republicans and Corporations while trillions of tax payer dollars went to fund obscene bonuses in the name of bailouts for banks “Too Big to Fail” for those who caused the economic downfall of the last 10 years.
They and our current president stood by silently, or in many cases aided Republicans and Corporations while Americans watched their savings, their retirement funds, their pensions turned over to the Vermin of Wall Street and American Bankers.
They and our current president stood by silently, or in many cases aided Republicans and Corporations while Americans watched their health care costs skyrocket and treatment vanish.
These sorry excuses for Democrats sat by quietly while Bush/Cheney and the Rovian Republicans seated radical, lying Right Wing Crazies on the Supreme Court. Then they sheepishly accepted the ruling that allowed Corporations to become de-facto citizens of the United States capable of funding Republicans with unlimited finances to win elections without the requirement of adhering to laws.
They aided the Corporations in approving laws that allowed American Jobs to be outsourced to foreign countries; they allowed tax breaks to these same Corporations for sending jobs overseas.
They and especially our current president stood silently by and allowed those who corrupted the government, those who engaged in criminal activity, those who profited from their illegal activities to get off scot-free. And they continue to sit silent while an American Soldier who possibly showed the world how a lying group of criminals has run this country for 10 years is treated worse than any World War II Nazi POW.
They are still standing silently by while Republican Governors destroy unions, decimate medical care, reduce education and inflict hardships on a population that they say must sacrifice so that the wealthy become wealthier.
They and our current president continue to lie about social security being a problem. They continue, with their silence to allow America's seniors to try to exist in poverty so the wealthy can enjoy their lives.
They allow white men to decide in the name of religion how and what women can do with their bodies. Don't kid yourselves, there's no other way to justify other than with religion that a man can tell someone else's wife what she can do with her body.
I imagine one of the reasons Republicans want to eliminate contraceptive techniques so much is they really must not like the feel of latex when screwing the public.
Maybe the worst of the Democrat's (and Pseudo Democrat's) stupidity was their support and continued support of two illegal wars, without which we would not be in this situation. They know what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan was wrong, yet they allow flag wavers and bible totting evangelicals from the Right to influence their actions; actions they take because they are more afraid of losing their Political Jobs and the greed that goes along than they are in doing what is right.
They’ve had chance after chance to do the right thing, yet when final decisions are made, they inevitably side with Corporations (thanks to heavily greased palms) and the Radical Right (only Gawd knows why - because supposedly, unless you're Reverend Ike, you can't buy your way into Heaven) against the will of the majority of their constituents.
They stand silently by and allow Corporations to pollute the earth because they say there's no proof Global Warming exists yet they quote a 2000 year old piece of fiction that has less proof of existence.
The Blue Dog Democrats and indeed, the majority of today’s Democrats (there are couple of exceptions) are quite reminiscent of the Vichy Government. If you’re not familiar with that term, it would expand your mind and views of the current Democrats AND our current president to Google it. Then perhaps, you can tell me how they are NOT alike.
The list of things done and not done by these Democratic Money Addicts is long and you should be familiar with most of them. In a sense, they joined in helping do what Jefferson Davis, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Nikita Krushchev couldn’t do. But those men were puny thinkers compared to the Corporatists and Corporate Collaborators, those “Americans for Hire” who sell their American souls to find loop holes in anything that could aid and abet business however unethical.
Blue Dog Democrats, who their constituents thought were acting in the best interests of the people, are little more than the junkies and addicts of the back alleys, except they get their highs from corporation cash. Their addiction continues to grow.
We’re losing freedoms that were our rights under a "Damn Piece of Paper" that the Republicans want destroyed while these craven Democrats continue to shoot more Corporate Heroin.
What is so incredible is much of this was done these last 4 years with a Democratic Majority in Congress then with a Democratic (or so we were to believe) President.
Imagine if you will, what would have happened in 2008 and what WILL happen if the Republicans take control of the House, Senate and Presidency in 2012 with the help of Corporations.
Won’t happen, you say? Looking at the financial “sustenance abuse” the Democrats now are enjoying, would you like to chance putting your life savings on that? Would you like to bet your and your children’s future on that? Oh, never mind. You already did.
The real terrorists are the Corporations with their legal staffs aided by Congressional Low-Life Democrats who really are pretty much worse than the drug addicts of the world. Eventually, drug addicts overdose and die. These manure sucking Democrats will live on much longer. And when they do leave the Political scene, a thousand other money addicted Democrats will be waiting to replace them.
Corporations didn’t need to fire a shot.
The Revolution IS over.
America and Americans lost.

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