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Friday, March 18

"Under a Cloud in California"

" It was yesterday when the madness really hit home.

"It had been after three days of scanning the internet with an ad-hoc network of fellow journalists, researchers, friends and activists--reading poorly translated Asian news, emails from nuclear experts, and, out of obligation, American puff pieces mostly meant to preserve the power of the Nuclear lobby and lull the public into a terrified stupor--that I got the phone call.

“I don’t want to alarm you,” my friend who also lives in the San Francisco area told me. “But I just got a call from a friend, and he has family in the military, and he was just told that the military is evacuating personnel and their families from California, and keeping it classified. It’s not confirmed, and I don’t want to post a rumor. What should we do?”

Find out what Charles Shaw did at Reality Sandwich.

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