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Monday, March 21

The Supermoon Hype and Bad Astronomy

by blondesense Liz

I have it on good authority (contact me for details) that the perigee moon was closer to the earth on December 12, 2oo8 at 356,575 km, than it was this past Saturday night. The "supermoon" hype was started by an astrologer named Richard Nolle who included this in a press release. Not only did the media and dozens of websites pick up on this, but the NASA website picked it up as well as the US Naval Observatory.

Why didn't government astronomers do their own research rather than rely on a pseudo-scientist? It has since been pointed out to them that they were promoting incorrect information. was informed about this problem and replied to the columnist who pointed it out that they cannot stop using the term "supermoon" now.

This culture of anti-intellectualism stinks.

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