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Saturday, March 12

Is it..."The End of the World as We Know It?"

New URL for Al-Jazeera live blog

...with O-pologies to R.E.M.

The "nukyular" problem in Japan gets more interesting all the time. Could it meltdown? Could it be OK?
Here's a url that sheds some more info on the situation. Especially click the link to the Al-Jazzera Live Blog.

I wonder how long it will take the Coal Spinners in this country to start promoting ads about the "safe" uses of "clean" coal - you know...the methane explosions, cave-in, black lung myths? All, of course, being much safer than turning "Murikans" into mindless toads! (Hmmm? Isn't that statement repetitively redundant? lol!)

Let's see...which way do the prevailing winds blow from Japan? Hmmm? Maybe Sarah better cover the porch where she watches Russia with some of Tom Ridge's Plastic and Duct Tape. The Aurora Borealis won't be the only thing glowing in Alaska...and that glow will make a lasting impression even down here, sooner than you can say nukyular! But don't fret, those of you who have never seen it. If it's half as bad as the talk (and that may mean many times worse than Three Mile Island), all us here in the good ol' Corporate States of "Murika' will get to see it up close and very personal.
Watch for the CEOs, Banksters, most politicians and Evangelicals all decide to take extended vacations over the next month - somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere! I guess this is one of the possible reasons why Georgie Boy and Heartless Dick bought all that land in Paraguay.

Or things will be just peachy and we'll all forget about the dangers involved!
Have a nice day!

Domo Arigato Mr. Capitalist and to all who believe in "Clean, Safe, Nukyular Energy!"

Me? I'll be spending my tyme..."On the Beach!"

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