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Wednesday, March 2

Dylan Ratigan interviews Ray Kurzweil 3/1/11...THE MOST compelling teevee chat I've ever heard

It's all about AI -- Singularity -- THE FUTURE (?) the Transcendent Man documentary (2009 - how'd we miss that?), and much more. (GREAT read on WISDOM OF THE CROWDS from Singular University)

Why are we even having any discussions about Wisconsin? What are all these teacher's roles going to be in 20 years? Or anyone's for that matter...

Can't Beat 'em Join 'em

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Well, I guess us over 50 crowd have no choice-- I guess we can't beat 'em.


because "they eat old people's medicine for food"

TIME MAGAZINE -- 2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal

Hey - maybe I should look on the bright side here-- We can kiss our 'social security' 401's Pensions et. al goodbye anyways -- so -- In a few years, for a small fee (?), I can download a virtual waterfront retirement home app! We can go anywhere the mind wants to take us!! It probably has a feature that lets you feel the warm sun and takes you for a cool dip! OH I CAN SEE THOSE SUNSETS RIGHT NOW!!!

Something to think about from hubpages: The Stupidest "Wise" Sayings Known to Man and How to Improve Them

Double-Edged Sword

or, Double-Ended Sword

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