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Wednesday, March 30

A different perspective?

Does might really make right?
Looking at us through other eyes.

People were being oppressed in Iraq under Saddam Hussein; in Afghanistan under the Taliban; in Libya under Gadaffi, Khadaffi, Kuhdaffi (whatever). Same goes for Serbia under
Milošević. (Palestinians, Bahrainians, etc don't count for some "slick" or religious reason!)
Their “organizations” evidently threatened” our way of life and our moral codes (or maybe our business interests?). "We need to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here"… so our American Government (those we elected to do OUR bidding) took it upon themselves to do something to save those "people" oppressed by their governments.

Let’s do a 180, shall we?

You are a political person of importance in China, or Russia. Very important!

You see the American people being robbed and financially exploited by terrorist Banksters and Wall Street and you see collusion with these terrorists by the American Government.

You see American Business Terrorism being spread throughout the world.

You see people in America losing homes to unscrupulous lenders (like in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan...purportedly by American Business interests, uh huh!) and nothing being done by the American Government to help the people.

You see common people in America being denied health care; being denied food; being denied the freedom to live their own lives by oppressive laws created and existing laws modified by their government while the rich and powerful rape the wages of those beneath them.

You learn that individual leaders of some American States are allowing poor people to starve or die in order that their comrades make [more] money and the American Government does nothing to stop them.

You learn that in American elections there have been questions (and possibly illegalities) involving election fraud by special businesses making the actual count of ballots suspicious and possibly allowing the candidates these special interests want in office. It's possible the candidates the people prefer may not be getting the actual votes they cast thanks to a corrupt system. Are Americans being oppressed by business and is it allowed by the American Government?

You learn that the (supposedly democratically) elected leaders of America are not doing what the majority of the people want, rather they are acting in the interests of only one facet (business) over the general public.

You learn that corrupt government officials are not being prosecuted for their committed crimes, rather they are being rewarded for their involvement in crimes against the America People. But...You learn that people of no political or business standing ARE being prosecuted, unfairly treated and even imprisoned for significantly lesser infractions.

You learn that the laws of the land which have stood for over 200 years do not pertain to all, only to the poor and lower classes or those who question the actions of the government or business. Further, you learn the Government chooses to ignore a written constitution granting specific rights to the American People in order to further its own and business interests at the expense of the American People.

You are concerned that the flow of goods from America to your country could suffer in quantity and quality and affect your country financially if the American Government increases prices to placate their business greed; something you can’t afford.

You learn that the loans to America by your government may not be paid back which could cause economic strife for your country and people.

You learn that American Business and government treats women worse than men and that some religions are harassed for their beliefs even though the American Constitution grants the right to worship as Americans please.

You learn that a large faction of American politicians, news people, business leaders and fringe groups engage in deception and outright lies to further the goals of government and business.

It appears to you, your government and your country the American People are being oppressed by a ruthless dictatorial regime which could affect the economic welfare of your country and its people.

The question now is:

Do you urge your fellow politicians to convince your leader or government to decide it’s in their best interest to impose economic or military sanctions or especially take a military position and/or military action against America to save or free the oppressed American People? Is it ethically or morally correct? There appears to be no question of immoral, unethical and even illegal treatment of the American People by their government.

Are you prepared to sacrifice current and future finances and the economy of your country and people to right the wrongs committed on Americans by their corrupt government and possibly cause the same hardships to your country the American Government has inflicted on its own people?

Should your country become a World Police Organization? Do you have the right, any right, to make the American Government, its leaders and President change its ways or how it treats its own people?

Should you convince a coalition of the rest of the world to join you in this undertaking, take unilateral action or just send the American Government a "sternly worded letter"?

Should you worry about the legality…or morality?

Do you want your country to become what America has become?

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