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Thursday, February 10

Too Fast, Buckaroo

Representative Christopher Lee, Republican, representing the New York 26th District, rode into Washington DC for his second term of office this past January on a wave of Tea Party-fueled wailing and gnashing of teeth that got him re-elected back in November.

Yesterday he slunk out of Washington DC like a whipped cur, his tail between his legs.


Well, I shall tell you a tale. Unlike other tales, it is more sad than sordid.

Rep. Lee had a Craigslist account, something that should raise red flags from the start (prostitutes, female and male, use the social networking site to hawk their wares - far be it from me to restrain trade or stand in the way of capitalism). He visited the "Women Seeking Men" forum, apparently, and posted up a picture to a woman in the forum.

In the message he described himself as a 36 year old divorced lobbyist.

He's 43, with a wife and a son.

The woman did a bit of googling, found out the truth, and squawked to Which broke the story. Lee's staff offered the 'explanation' that his Blackberry and Craigslist account had been hacked, but the statement was so lame that no one bought it.

Not four hours or so later, Lee tendered his resignation.

It had to be the fastest sex scandal in the history of Washington sex shenanigans, but really - resigning over misrepresenting yourself and trying several ham-handed email attempts to entice a woman? Please. It's not like he was cruising for trade in airport bathrooms (ex-Senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho), or hiring a hooker through a madam to diaper him and spank him until he wets himself (Senator Dave Vitter, R-Louisiana).

You quit too fast, Chris.

We didn't even have time to make fun of you.

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