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Monday, February 14

Some thoughts

The difference between a union man and Politician, Wall Streeter, Bankster, Tea Bigot or Republican is when the union man hits his thumb with a hammer he doesn’t do it again.

When things are slow politically, politicians and/or the media need to invent some major crisis, even if it can’t be fixed, but to talk about it so the public will think they’re doing their job.

According to some radicals and Tea Bigots about immigration, we need to deport even those who were born here and came from illegal parents but became U.S. Citizens by birth. So do we start checking the ancestry of Sarah Palin, Jon Kyl, Johnny Boy McCain, all the Bush’s and Cheneys and 99% of current Americans? Where do we send them when we find most entered this country without registering?

Businesses today are similar to cancer or other parasitic diseases. They continue to eat away at their host never accepting, understanding or caring that they themselves will die when the host does but hoping for a cure only they can afford if they ever need it.

Today’s Republicans are the ‘niners of the 1840s. They are mining gold for themselves through business and killing off anyone who may offer competition. Get ready for the coming of the Robber Barons of the 21st Century.

What is the difference between betraying one’s country by selling [military or political] secrets or knowingly creating a bad product that harms or kills Americans and granting business a license to make money by allowing Americans to die?

...Then-Senatorial candidate Obama in 2003 branded the Patriot Act "shoddy and dangerous" and pledged to dump it. He made the pledge in response to a candidate's survey by the National Organization for Women...How's that going, anyway?

Are more men “homocritical” than women? Most men I know would love to watch two women making out yet wretch if two men were doing the same.

I feel bad for today’s youth. They’ll never know a country without fear, without lies from the government, without hatred from those who want to force others to conform to their beliefs.

Are Black Holes at the center of spiral galaxies just huge Galactic toilets we're all spiraling into?

Politics has become an addiction that only now Democrats are experiencing. The Banks, Wall Street, Big Businesses, Big Pharma are all the pushers.
The Republicans have been mainlining, pimping and pushing for decades. Now that drip has been tried by the Democrats. At first, all it took was a few. They spread it to other Democrats who in turn pushed it to others new to politics.
But it’s not in the back alleys where the shady deals happen in the dark of the night, it’s in elite country clubs, executive meetings at resorts, posh junkets to warm climates. We all know only those who frequent the back allies are the scum of the earth, the dregs of society, the freeloaders of the country unlike our upstanding politicians. Democrats are now enjoying the rapture of that back alley addiction and thinking it isn’t hurting them.
All the while, the Banks, Wall Street and Big Business along with those already hooked, like Obama and company, whisper to their confederates of streets paved with the gold of the working poor if only they stick together.
Washington, D.C. and particularly Congress, the Senate and the White House are the 1800s Asian opium dens with clients standing in line for their beds.
And it isn’t just the politicians, it’s also the media. There are varying degrees of addiction in the media from the casual using newsreader to the snorting managers to the mainlining owners.

It’s amazing how business will use the excuse that they need to hire the best qualified people to run the businesses that affect their bottom line for the management and investors; that the military promotes that it only wants the best to lead the troops and the best to fight to protect the country; that colleges hire only the best instructors to teach only the best (usually foreign paid) students to be ready for their country's tomorrow; yet to run the government, to make decisions involving literally life and death for over 300 million Americans and the trillions of dollars those Americans must repay, we do NOT require the best, the brightest, the most experienced to lead us, rather only the most popular, most malleable, those with the most money provided them by the same businesses who only want the best people working for them.

You wonder why Jon Stewart hasn’t really called out the [other] media for its lack of responsibility covering the truth. He’s hammered Fox but the others are just as bad. If it weren’t for the media's cheerleading, we wouldn’t have gone into Iraq. We might not even have the fiscal crisis we are now experiencing. Wonder who pays Jon? Oh yeah. G.E. (and NBC)

With police protection being cut nationwide, NBC reported that someone asked, “Who do we call if we need help?” I suggest you call you local Tea Party Bigot, Republican or Right Wing Evangelical representative or NRA nut. Possibly your local clergy might pray the help you need, provided you tithe properly (and tell them you're against abortion).

Get ready for the next war…Corporations vs corporations. David Brock of Media Matters is forming a left wing organization to counter the Right’s unlimited contributions to Republicans. The Right Wing idiots and useless Chamberpot of Congress will likely take this as a challenge and pump even more money into the Republican "coffins". We’re looking at a serious escalation in political cash manipulations here. Mr. President, tear down that...what? You got money from AIG and Wall Street? Imagine that!

If the government can force us to buy something from a private business (like health insurance), why can’t the government or people force business to “buy” something from them…such as the ability to do business in an area, clean up the environment, etc.? Want to get even for the government mandate? Send all your used bandages, diapers or sickness supplies to Big Pharma. Or just commit suicide
(but do it in a health care office!) and make the employees dispose of your body .

Remember when we used to bitch about Bush not holding public press conferences because he was afraid of the embarrassing questions he might get?
So how many has Barry held?

Ever notice how the O-pologists and other "well-offs" all claim that Barry has to do the right thing but some have to suffer for the good of the country (Sounds positively Republican, don’t it?) Didja ever wonder how many of the O-pologists ever had to apply for LIHEAP, food stamps, cash assistance or frequent a food bank? I’m betting that number is in the really low, low digits.

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